YAHUDAH STYLE is a Hebrew owned clothing store dedicated to uplifting, empowering and unifying  people of color. Brothers and sisters, we have spent our entire lives in a white supremist society that has formerly and presently, systematically enslaved us. Our neighborhoods are full of crime, and our schools are poorly funded. The police can kill us at any time without repercussions.  This system has taken black and brown fathers out of their homes and away from their children and put them into prisons. Forcing them into what is modern day slavery while corporations gain profit off its free labor force. Almost 400 years of slavery and history continues to repeat itself....

To all of the so called Blacks, Hispanics and Native American Indians, WE are a people from the beginning of time. We are a chosen people and according to the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28 vs 15-68, WE are the Hebrew Israelites that the bible speaks of. Our identity and our history has been stolen, hidden and beaten out of us. With this knowledge came the birth of my first clothing collection: I AM ISRAEL. It  was designed to help bring us back into remembering that WE are the chosen children of the Most High God. We are more than the bywords society has labeled us as. We are not black, we are not colored, we are not negroes or niggas...We are Israelites!!!

As owner of YAHUDAH STYLE and creator of each collection, my vision is to see my people prosper and rise above the oppression we are forced to endure because I love you and I share your pain. This is the first step in doing my part…the rest is to be continued.  

“This is for MY people not because I am racist, but because we need it!”

                                                                                          -Nona Starr-aka Allona Arielle Israel